19th eawe PhD Seminar

6-8 September 2023


Our Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 1463 "Offshore Megastructures" develops new design and operating methodologies for future offshore wind turbines. These turbines need to have increased rotor diameter and rated power compared to the state-of-the-art turbines in order to make offshore wind turbines a cornerstone of the future energy supply. A key point for the achievement of this goal is the development of a digital twin of an offshore wind turbine.

The 19th EAWE PhD seminar is hosted and organized by the CRC Offshore Megastructures (CRC 1463) team:

  Subproject Role Affiliation
Niklas Dierksen C4 Chair LUH-ISD
Julia Gebauer B3 Chair LUH - IWES
David Märtins Z1 Industry LUH-ISD
Lars Neuhaus A1 Industry UOL
Edgar Werthen B3 Industry DLR
Manolis Panagiotou B1 Website & Registration FUB-UniBw
Hauke Bartels C1 Website & Registration TUD - IMB
Daniel Ribnitzky B2 Website & Registration UOL - WESys
Han Qian B1 Website & Registration TUD - IMB
Daniel Schuster Z1 Social LUH - ISD
Malte Kaliske A5 Social LUH - IfMa
Norman Goldau B4 Social LUH - IGtH
Jenny Schubert B5 Social LUH-IfAM
Ramish Satari A4 Social LUH-ISU
Sören Möller C2 Promotion LUH - ISD

Members of our CRC in the PhD Seminar 2021 in Porto

Members of our CRC visiting the Fraunhofer IWES center in Bremen