19th eawe PhD Seminar

6-8 September 2023


Have a stroll around the charming historic district in the heart of Hannover.
Altstadt (Old Town), image: Martin Kirchner/HMTG

Let your soul dangle, experience the uniquely beautiful view over the city up close, and relax comfortably in Hannover's beautiful views.
360° Beach-club, image: HMTG/Martin Kirchner
One of the most famous baroque gardens in Europe
Herrenhäuser Gärten, image: Coptograph
Enjoy the sunset with friends and a glass of beer by Ihme river.
Imheufer, image: Stefan Knaak
Once a palace, now the beautiful main building of our University
Leibniz Universität, image: HMTG
Construction of an artificial standing wave in the Leine in the middle of the city - in 2023, enjoy surfing in the city
Leinewelle, image: Cityfoerster/Leinewelle e.V.
Enjoy the lake by taking a walk, jogging or renting a boat.
Maschsee, image: HMTG/Lars Gerhardts
Climb the arched elevator to the city hall dome and enjoy the impressive view over Hanover.
Neues Rathaus, image: HMTG/Wyrwa
Appreciate the architectures of 19th century Hanover and take a break in a cafe in the middle of the city.
Wedekindplatz, image: HMTG/Martin Kirchner