19th eawe PhD Seminar

6-8 September 2023

Ice breaker

Ice breaker event (Tuesday):

To kick off the Seminar, we organize an ice-breaker event. It is the ideal opportunity to visit the Herrenhäuser park and to get to know your fellow PhD students before the start of the seminar in a casual way.  Join our guided walk through the barock gardens. Afterwards we will have a beer tasting at a local brewery next to our seminar facilities.

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When: Tuesday 5th of September 2022, from 4.30 pm

Where: Main entry of Herrenhäuser Straße 4, 30419 Hannover

How to get there:  The meeting point is Herrenhäuser Straße 4, 30419 Hannover close to the tram station Hannover Herrenhäuser Gärten (136, 4, 5).